Issue with iPhone 6

There is an issue with the GigaTools iPhone App when viewed on the iPhone 6 or with an iPhone running iOs 6.

If you’re updating your Gigs via the iPhone App and are unable to do so due to an error with the date select menus, simply log into the GigaTools mobile site using the SAFARI browser on your phone and you will be able to update your Gigs without the issue.

We will publish an updated version of our App to solve this problem.

Thank you for your patience.

Develop Custom Gigs Listings

Here are some tips for developers who need to build their own custom GigaTools widgets or gigs listings.

All Gigs can be read for any given User or Group with a dedicated URL that follows this format:

Available formats include: .xml .json .rss .ical

A User example:

Group example:

Our widget code is open source so please feel free to download it and use it as a base for your own custom Gigs listing.

the code can be found here:

And here is an example of the embed code:

<div><script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script><script type=”text/javascript”>

addGigaToolsWidget(new GigaToolsWidget({ client: ‘group’, id: ‘GigaTools’, widthType: 0, font: ‘Arial’, width: ’550′,height: ’500′,  backgroundColor: ‘rgba(255, 255, 255, 1)’, headTextColor: ‘#01b615′, bodyTextColor: ‘#666666′, borderColor: ‘#CCCCCC’, borderSize: ’2′, borderRadius: ’0′ }));

Improved Facebook Announcements

As of 1st May 2015, Facebook implemented changes to their policy which relate to how Apps like GigaTools can post on your behalf to your Facebook profile and pages.

In the past, GigaTools could post a short message to your Facebook profile or pages regarding any Gigs you had that day, as well as a message announcing any new Gigs you had added to your schedule.

Now, instead of posting a message regarding a specific Gig, GigaTools will post a link. The link GigaTools posts will be either the link you added when you first created the Gig to your schedule or a link to the Gig on the public GigaTools Gigs Listing site.

The good news with this update is that if your Gigs have a flyer or artwork that you have uploaded to the GigaTools site, this image will be posted to Facebook (as shown below)


When announcing New Gigs, GigaTools will also post a link to your complete Gigs listing Page on the public GigaTools Gigs Listing site, rather than the short announcement you would have seen before May 1st.

To take advantage of these new features, please reconnect your GigaTools User or Group to a Facebook Profile.

Thank you.


Updated Soundcloud Gigs Listings

Soundcloud recently made a change to their website which alters the way URLS (web links) are displayed on their site so we have updated the GigaTools Gigs listings on Soundcloud profiles to fit in with this change. Now, your Soundcloud Gigs listings will only include a link to your complete GigaTools Gigs listing page instead of linking each of your Gigs to any websites you may have linked them to.

GigaTools users do not need to change their profiles at all and it is safe to continue connecting your GigaTools Gigs to your Soundcloud profile.

Here is what the new Gigs listing looks like

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 1.03.13 pm

Sync your GigaTools Pro Gigs with your Original GigaTools Account

To automatically Sync your GigaTools Pro Gigs with any original GigaTools account, follow these instructions, or watch this video.


If you have not already set up an existing original GigaTools account and at least one User via the site, do that first. If you don’t have an original GigaTools account, contact us and we will set one up for you at no charge.

Log into GigaTools Pro and follow the link to MANAGE > ARTISTS and select the Artist whose Gigs you wish to Sync

From that page, copy the 2nd URL under the heading iCal & Google Calendar feed / GigaTools feed URL:


Then log into and follow the link to EDIT USER

Choose GigaTools Pro from the feed type select menu and paste the URL into the form field below


Hit SUBMIT and you’re done!

After this all CONFIRMED Gigs on GigaTools Pro will be automatically imported into your original GigaTools Gigs listings.

Any changes you make to the Gigs on GigaTools Pro will also be updated on your original GigaTools listings. There is a delay between when you add or change a Gig on GigaTools Pro to when they are updated on your public Gigs listings. This delay can be up to 2 hours so please take this into consideration.

You can Sync Gigs from GigaTools Pro with any other original GigaTools account, either one that you own and manage yourself or one that any of your Artist’s manage themselves so they can both manage their own Gigs and automatically import any Gigs you book for them.

If you’re not using GigaTools Pro to book and manage your Gigs, grab yourself a free trial account and check it out now >

Install our “Upcoming Gigs” Facebook App

If you want to list your Gigs on a tab on one or more of your Facebook Pages, follow these instructions:

Be sure that you are logged into Facebook as the owner of the Facebook Page you want to list your Gigs on.

Log into GigaTools and hit EDIT USER or EDIT GROUP for the User or Group whose Gigs you want to list.

On the right hand side of the page, follow the link to MANAGE Facebook • App (as shown in the image)

Scroll down the page until you see the installation instructions. click the CLICK HERE link to install the App on your Facebook Page (shown in image)

Clicking that link will take you to Facebook and present you with a dialog box asking if you want to install the GigaTools Upcoming Gigs App on your Facebook Page. Be sure to choose the correct Facebook page if you have more than one. Click the blue ‘Add Upcoming Gigs’ link.

After doing this you should be returned to the GigaTools site to complete the installation. If you have more than one User or Group you will be asked to choose which User or Group you want to install the App on.

Once you’re back on the MANAGE Facebook • App page you will be asked for your Facebook Page ID which you can find by clicking on the GIGS tab that you just installed on your Facebook Page

Copy this Page ID and paste it into the form on the MANAGE Facebook • App page on GigaTools (shown)

Hit Save and then refresh your GIGS tab on Facebook and you should see your Upcoming Gigs listing!

Problems with Gig Announcements?

Please read this article for updates on Facebook’s policy concerning your GigaTools account.

If you’re having problems with your Gig Announcements, this guide should help you solve them.

There are many reasons that your automated Gig Announcements can stop on Facebook or Twitter but thankfully only one easy solution.

If you’re having trouble with Twitter follow these steps:

  • Log in to GigaTools
  • Follow the link to EDIT USER or EDIT GROUP for the affected GigaTools User or Group
  • Under the CONNECTIONS heading, on the Twitter panel, click the red REVOKE link
  • Once the page has refreshed, go back to the Twitter panel and click the Sign in with Twitter link
  • Be sure to grant all the permissions that the GigaTools Twitter App requires on the Twitter website
  • After you return to the GigaTools site, check your ANNOUNCEMENTS & TIME ZONE settings are configured to suit your needs

If you’re having trouble with Facebook follow these steps:

  • Log into Facebook and from the APPS page, completely remove the GigaTools App (not the Upcoming Gigs App)
  • Log in to GigaTools
  • Follow the link to EDIT USER or EDIT GROUP for the affected GigaTools User or Group
  • Under the CONNECTIONS heading, on the Facebook panel, click the red REVOKE link
  • Once the page has refreshed, go back to the Facebook panel and click the Connect link
  • Be sure to grant all the permissions that the GigaTools Facebook App requires when on the Facebook website
  • When you are returned to the GigaTools site, choose which of your Facebook pages should receive announcements (if you have any Facebook Pages)
  • Check your ANNOUNCEMENTS & TIME ZONE settings are configured to suit your needs

If you have multiple Facebook pages we recommend only announcing your Gigs on as few of them as possible. Facebook limits posts coming in via the stream, which affects how many posts can be made to your pages or profile from GigaTools. If you are experiencing issues, please visit Facebook’s Help Center for more information on their limits and best practices.



Plug your Gigs into your website

Using to build your website? You can easily plug your Gigs into any WIX page via one of their free Apps called ‘Feed Ninja’

Simply add the Feed Ninja to your Wix Page and connect it to your RSS feed e.g

Take a look at this little example here


Private Data Feeds

We’ve just added a handy new feature that allows you to share confidential information about each of your Gigs via your Gigs feeds in Apple iCal, Google Calendar, XML, JSON & RSS formats.

Simply add the information when editing your Gigs and then share this privately via the new Private Feed URLs. You can reset these URLs at anytime to revoke access to anyone you may have shared your feeds with.

This information will only be visible via these Private Feed URLs.

Step 1 : Add some info in the Private Info window on the Gig form

Step 2 : Share via your Private Feed URL


Show unconfirmed Gigs in your private feeds

We’ve just added a handy feautre to our Gigs listings. You can now share details of all your Gigs, uncluding any unconfirmed Gigs you have that are not visible in your public feeds, by using our Private Key feature.

When you share your Private Key with someone they can now subscribe to your Gigs feeds via the usual methods such as Apple iCal, Google Calendar etc or view right in the web browser and they will now see your Private Data and any unconfirmed Gigs in your feed.

Read more about Private Feeds & Keys here =>


Easily integrate your upcoming Gigs schedule with any number of sites & social networks such as Facebook, Twitter & Soundcloud as well as in your own blog or custom website.

Update all your sites instantly from the one place!


Save hours of time each month by managing multiple schedules for all your artists from the one place and ensure all your artists' upcoming Gigs are always up to date across all of their various internet sites & social networks.

Richie Hawtin & MINUS

GigaTools is easiest way for us to update & share new gig info with Minus fans across our social networks, with a super helpful team who can help with any request

DJ Nino Brown

GigaTools is DOPE! keep all my sites & social networks up to date from one place? Awesome!

Chris Liebing & CLR

We love GigaTools, all of the CLR Artists use the program. Its perfect that with one single entry, all of our websites and social networks are updated instantly.