Facebook Changes…

As of 1st of August 2018, Facebook have changed their policy regarding automatic posts / announcements from apps like GigaTools to people’s Facebook Pages & Profile.

This change in Facebook’s policy has effected thousands of Apps including ours.

As a result of these policy changes, automatic posts from GigaTools to Facebook Pages & Profiles are currently disabled.

We are examining the new Facebook policy and will determine if we can offer the same automatic posting of Gigs to people’s Facebook pages in the near future. thank you for your patience.

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Easily integrate your upcoming Gigs schedule with any number of sites & social networks such as Facebook, Twitter & Soundcloud as well as in your own blog or custom website.

Update all your sites instantly from the one place!


Save hours of time each month by managing multiple schedules for all your artists from the one place and ensure all your artists' upcoming Gigs are always up to date across all of their various internet sites & social networks.

Richie Hawtin & MINUS

GigaTools is easiest way for us to update & share new gig info with Minus fans across our social networks, with a super helpful team who can help with any request

DJ Nino Brown

GigaTools is DOPE! keep all my sites & social networks up to date from one place? Awesome!

Chris Liebing & CLR

We love GigaTools, all of the CLR Artists use the program. Its perfect that with one single entry, all of our websites and social networks are updated instantly.