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Location aware Gig announcements

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

We’ve had a lot of requests from GigaTools users who tour the globe for their automated Gig announcements to happen at the hour of their choice in the actual city of the Gig so we have done exactly that.

You can now choose ‘Location Aware Announcements’ in your GigaTools preferences and your Gigs will be announced on time, relative to the time zone of the Gig itself.

This means that, for example, If an artist has specified their announcements to happen at 20:00 hours and they’re performing in Melbourne, Australia, then the announcement will happen at 20:00 in Melbourne. Likewise if their next Gig is in Berlin, Germany, the announcement will go out at 20:00 Berlin time.

Users no longer have to manually adjust their time zone if they’re on a world tour, GigaTools will do the hard work for you 🙂


List your Gigs on your Mixcloud Profile

Monday, July 29th, 2013

We’ve just plugged into Mixcloud so you can now automatically list your upcoming Gigs on your Mixcloud profile!

Simply log into GigaTools and follow the link to Edit User and from that page, Connect to Mixcloud. You will then be taken to the Mixcloud site where you can grant permission to the GigaTools Mixcloud App and from then on, Your Mixcloud profile will feature a micro Gigs listing and a link to your GigaTools profile page which we will update daily.

Take a look at the profile below of Los Angeles artist ‘Audio Injection



Not using Mixcloud? Check them here


Easily integrate your upcoming Gigs schedule with any number of sites & social networks such as Facebook, Twitter & Soundcloud as well as in your own blog or custom website.

Update all your sites instantly from the one place!


Save hours of time each month by managing multiple schedules for all your artists from the one place and ensure all your artists' upcoming Gigs are always up to date across all of their various internet sites & social networks.

Richie Hawtin & MINUS

GigaTools is easiest way for us to update & share new gig info with Minus fans across our social networks, with a super helpful team who can help with any request

DJ Nino Brown

GigaTools is DOPE! keep all my sites & social networks up to date from one place? Awesome!

Chris Liebing & CLR

We love GigaTools, all of the CLR Artists use the program. Its perfect that with one single entry, all of our websites and social networks are updated instantly.